Study for Exams

A social and competitive app for students
to master exams playfully.

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brian illustration
brian illustration

I'm Brian.

Brian is still quite new around here. It's an application and allows its students to learn and practice exam material with the ease of a social, competitive, digital game.

Dry presentation slides, crowded lecture halls, and endless bullet point lists are not things of the past. Even thirty years after the birth of the World Wide Web, academic educational content is dry as dust and tiresome. The result is a bunch of frustrated students who turn to third party providers which offer clearly prepared content, but often lack a profound level of understanding. Unfortunately, all too often charming, well-curated, and funny designed content is not available.

Brian's goal is to refine the way of studying for exams. We use gamification and proven learning methods that not only help you reach short-term targets but also lead to a wealth of knowledge in the long run. And of course, an algorithm serves the students with the right questions at the right time, individually tailored to their unique history. However, we believe that joy is the most important and powerful nutrient.

So, game on!

illustration of the H.S.G. building

The H.S.G.

As one of the most advanced Universities of Switzerland, the University of St. Gallen is among the first, to harness the wisdom of Brian.

Brian was one of the best Students they have ever had. No course was too difficult for him, no textbook too thick, no blackboard too full, and no exam too complex. The potential of his brain opened up unimagined possibilities. For this reason, his brain was cut into pieces, packed, and given into the care of his alma mater. In close collaboration with countless institutes and the new School of Medicine at the University of St. Gallen, a revolutionary technology, known as the Human-Shrinking-Generator (HSG for short), was created. This technology allows students to shrink to the size of a microbe so that they can dive into Brian’s brain and bring his knowledge to the light of day.

At this very moment, not only the students are tested, but also the application – we are currently running a beta version. The University of St. Gallen and its keen students teach Brian to grow day by day.

'space'-ship travalig in the H.S.G.

Upcoming Features

Our roadmap is long, the ideas manifold, the motivation high, but the days short. We will continuously release new features while listening closely to your ideas.

  • - A leaderboard.
  • - Game statistics.
  • - Profil picture.
  • - Multiplayer. Defy your fellow students.

Aaaaand of course, we are refining current functions – we know it can be quite buggy. So do not be too tough on us.

Who the hell are we?

A mix of entrepreneurs, corporates, and public institutions.

The idea was born in 2019 at Zense. The University of St. Gallen joined soon afterward as a development partner and first client. Ruben and Ralph have taken on the mission to make the baby grow. After countless hours, relentless weekends, millions of rejected designs, we are finally going live with the first beta version of our product – almost in time for the fall semester 2020.

Now we need you, your mercy and grace, but all the more important your feedback. Help us identify the bugs, share your thoughts and ideas, or just step by for a coffee.

Ralph Forsbach
CEO & Co-Founder
Ruben Frank
CTO & Co-Founder
Development Partner
link to the Zense website link to the University of St.Gallen. link to the lab360 website